How to Use the Powerful Ecommerce Gift Registry Tool?

How to Use the Powerful Ecommerce Gift Registry Tool?

Ecommerce gift Registry, Wishlists and Gift Certificates are some of the value added features which have become quite popular! . The difference between them is subtle and yet significant.Customers are looking for more than just a purchase when they visit an ecommerce store. A wholesome and complete experience is what attracts both buyers and sellers.
Sales can be increased by introducing new and exciting features in your existing ecommerce store.
Let’s look at what is the basic difference between Ecommerce Gift Registry, Ecommerce Wishlist and Ecommerce Gift Certificates are and how they can enhance sales.
Avactis Gift Registry
Ecommerce Gift Registry:
The usefulness of Ecommerce gift registry can best be appreciated through an example. Let’s assume that you are getting married and have a long list of things you want but don’t have the money to purchase right away. By the way this often happens when you are ready for the wedding bells.
Obviously, you would wish that your friends and family purchased something useful rather them all of them gifting the same old iPhone. By the time you have completed the wedding vows you are the proud owner of eight iPhones.
Instead you can create a gift registry and your well-wishers can choose an item from it. From the ecommerce owner point of view the gift registry can have a cascading effect and give free publicity. Who knows, some of the friends and family may become your customers? The power of a Ecommerce gift registry lies in its capacity to generate more customers.

Avactis Gift Registry

 (2) Ecommerce Wishlist :

The novel by the famous author Jeffery Archer comes to mind when we think of Wishlists – Be careful what you wish for. In case of an ecommerce store more wishes are less. Most of your customers are short of cash and big on wishes.

If wishes were horses, ecommerce stores would certainly fly because what stops most buyers from buying is the problem of immediate availability of cash. The problem can be neatly solved with the assistance of ecommerce Wishlists.

Now the customers can create an elaborate Wishlist and buy items as the money becomes available. Another advantage of Wishlists is the intelligence you gather from it. Ecommerce software can provide alternative products to customers and attract them towards new offerings.

Ecommerce Gift Registry(3) Ecommerce Gift Certificates :

Gift Certificates have long been popular among the marketing community and have been used effectively in subscription based products. These are equally effective in an ecommerce setting provided certain features are included. The customers of an ecommerce store must be able to create gift cards or certificates in any denomination. The recipient of gift cards must be able to use them singly or use multiple cards for a single transaction depending on the value of purchase. They must be able to use the balance in the gift cards for other purchases Many advanced ecommerce gift certificate provision allows for email confirmation by customers.

Ecommerce gift Registry, Wishlists and Gift Certificates certainly increase the value of an ecommerce store. It ensures increase in sales and acts like a viral marketing tool.
The Avactis Ecommerce Gift Registry Extension lets registered users to make a list of events and attach to them the goods that he would like to receive as a gift from his friends. Then a few days before the event, the system will send a letter that will contain a link to a page with a list of items added to a particular event. Isn’t that just a Cool thing to do ??
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