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100% Internet Privacy Protection with Windscribe

Why Internet Privacy?

When was the last time you browsed the net without an Ad? Never. The prying eyes of the ISP always seem to be around. Not only are the ads frustrating but they also increase the page load times. Worst of all, they seem to infringe upon your privacy.

This is when using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service for Internet privacy comes in.

  • You can protect your browsing activity from your ISP or access content not available in your country.
  • You can block those irritating-and-in-your-face ads which keep bugging and distracting you from your online activities (work / fun, that’s a completely different argument in itself though).

A VPN handles and protects your online activity by encrypting the data as your entire internet activity is routed through a VPN Server.

We know that our ISP has no commitment to, or interest in, protecting our privacy. It is wise hence to shift one’s trust to a VPN service, and yes, it is legal to use a VPN just in case you were fretting about it. That’s where Windscribe steps in.

Windscribe is a VPN provider that helps you mask your physical location, circumvent censorship, block ads and trackers on websites you use every day. It provides a desktop app & various browser extensions which give you complete internet privacy & acts as an ad blocker for your daily internet browsing. It sure works as promised. Let’s have a quick review of Windscribe.

Features of WindScribe – Internet Privacy & Ad Blocker

Full VPN Client & Firewall for Desktop

internet privacy windscribe

Complete internet privacy right from your desktop with the full VPN Client application with Firewall. Your home IP address will never be exposed even in the event of a connection loss to Windscribe.

Secure Public Wifi

Forget your worries and paranoia about security when using public wifi networks, with Windscribe you are safe from the devious hackers and data snoopers. Share files securely by funneling your traffic through a safe encrypted tunnel.

Circumvent Censorship & Access Blocked Content & Internet Privacy

Want to access blocked content irrespective of your physical location? Connect to over 25+ locations using Windscribe anytime, anywhere.

Secure.link Generator for Browsers

Want to generate secure short URLs then use Windscribe’s Secure.Link Generator (a privacy awareness & marketing tool) and create short URLs with a click of a button right from your browser. But that’s not all, if a friend installs & upgrades through your secure link then you get exactly 50% of the earnings back. Win – Win for everyone right!!!

IPv6 and DNS Leak Protection

Windscribe blocks IPv6 requests at the client level along with DNS leak protection. Never get snooped on as this feature overrides your IPS DNS.

Super Strong Encryption parameters

Windscribe handles data encryption using AES 256, with SHA 512 for data authentication, and a super nifty RSA 4096 handshaking.

Double Hop

Want to take your privacy a notch further? Use the desktop app along with a browser extension to double hop (connect to a server at a second location) your location. My personal favorite but it tends to slow down your internet connection, unfortunately.

Extensions For Various Operating Systems, Browsers & Devices

internet privacy extensions

No matter which operating system, browser or device you are using, Windscribe has your back with an app/extension for it. Windscribe has a desktop VPN application for Windows, Mac and Linux (available for Pro account users only). Windscribe offers extensions for the most popular internet browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. And for mobile devices, Windscribe is available for iOS and Android(available for Pro account users only) too.

The Google Chrome extension alone has over 69,170+ users so far.

User-friendly Setup Videos

Windscribe takes user reviews very seriously. Responding to previous reviews when they were said to be lacking proper user guides the team came back with an awesome and user-friendly collection of setup videos.

Plans and Pricing

internet privacy pricing

Windscribe has two pretty straightforward plans – Free & Pro. The free plan offers limited bandwidth of 10GB/month whereas the Pro plan allows unlimited data for $9/month or $90/year. You can connect to only 9 locations when using the free plan but the Pro plan offers 25+ locations.

If you decide to take Windscribe for a spin before going Pro, they have a 3 days refund policy. It is worth trying it if you ask me.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a great VPN service which offers internet privacy for a reasonable price then Windscribe just might be the best option in the market currently.

Want to get your hands on it?

DealFuel.com (the house of the latest and coolest tech deals) has a great deal offer on the lifetime service of Windscribe right now (instead of $90/year you pay only $39). It is a freaking steal if you ask me!!! Don’t miss out this opportunity to get complete internet privacy & a nifty ad blocker VPN provider.

Note – Join DealClub at just $6.99/mo and get direct access to more such awesome deals and special offers.


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