Why you definitely need a Real-time Shipping Calculator for your Online Store?

Why you definitely need a Real-time Shipping Calculator for your Online Store?

As many new e-commerce websites hit the markets every day, Real-time Shipping Calculator has definitely become the RealTimeShipping feature to look for. Shipping Calculator is a tool for monitoring the process of actual shipping including all its steps -shipment, postage and costs before delivery. Real-time Shipping Calculator carries out the same functions with every passing second. It collects the records of every online purchase from your store. This particular calculator tracks the shipping right from purchasing the product from the merchant till delivering to the customer and also helps in generating the shipping cost of the product. Its efficiency and accuracy definitely proves it to be a feature to reckon with for your e-commerce store and customers.

Here are some features of real-time shipping calculator which helps you to grow your online store business.

(1) Mailing cost calculation Real Time Shipping Calculator
Cost : Real time shipping calculator computes domestic as well as international mailing cost.
Calculator : Calculator considers the information of source and destination of a shipment, and based on the factual information it generates the actual shipping cost.
Use : Hence, it allows online store owners to provide exact shipping cost to the customers before placing the order. This facility is useful for both online store owners as well as their customers.

(2) Price estimation facility
Cost : The price of the product depends upon several factors such as seasonal time, shipping companies’ rate for shipment, discounts and offers, applicable taxes, insurance and destination of delivery etc
Calculator :Real time shipping calculator is used for final price estimation of the product.
Use : After adding any such alteration to the program, real time shipping calculator gives the estimated price and updates such information on every passing second.

(3) Tracking of shipmentReal Time Shipping Calculator
Cost : The calculator is synchronized with shipping carrier services so that the location of the shipment can be identified easily.
One of the most important benefits of the Real time shipping calculator is to determine and track the path of any shipment.
Calculator : It records the details of shipment’s delivery time, mode of transport and tentative time required for the delivery.
Use : Real-time shipping calculator’s efficiency is also augmented by the fact that it maintains a high level of accuracy.

(4) Item specific calculation
Cost : Many companies and e-commerce store sell over-sized products online; the shipment of these products is definitely not easy. But by using real time shipping calculator one can accurately calculate the dimensional weight of these items.
Calculator : This information plays a vital role in determining the shipping costs of machinery, spare parts, large electronic items etc.
Use : Apart from this, any other item specific calculation or customized calculation can be done by real time shipping calculator.

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