The Low-Hanging Fruits Of Free Ecommerce Affiliate Program

The Low-Hanging Fruits Of Free Ecommerce Affiliate Program

The question often being asked by successful ecommerce business owners is why they need a free ecommerce affiliate Program ? There are many valid reasons for creating an affiliate program within the ecommerce platform. The success or failure depends on how you nurture and develop your free Ecommerce affiliates Program subscribers . Here is a broad road-map for creating your profitable ecommerce affiliate program.

What should your ecommerce affiliate add-on or plug-in do?

Running an affiliate program is a complex task which cannot be handled manually. Your affiliate add-on must be able to automatically acquire, track and manage the members. Generation of commissions must also be a part of the add-on.

There are many such add-ons available in the market, both free and paid. What you must keep in mind while selecting such a program is the ease of use and the back-end features for management. An ecommerce platform with an integrated affiliate program would be ideal. This would obviate the requirement of compatibility since conflicts between two programs can create complications in installation and operation. Essentially the affiliate program must be simple.
You must remember that your affiliates are not interested in learning and implementing a complicated program. They are only intermediates who want to earn a commission on sale of your product.
You must avoid creating a complex program which requires programming skills.
A two-click installation would be better appreciated by your affiliates than managing a humongous system.

Most of the problems in an affiliate program happen due to the difference in calculation in commission. You must be able to clearly define the goals for payment. For example, you may pay commission on leads or on actual sales. Each commission structure has its own advantages and disadvantages.

(1) Promoting Your Affiliate Program

It’s not sufficient for you to have an affiliate program and expect others to automatically gravitate towards it. You must have an active network through which you can attract affiliates. There are many forums on the internet which cater to the affiliate community. Joining these networks can be useful. Additionally you may start a direct marketing channel which can be advertised through the Google AdWords program.

(II) Creating Brand Awareness

An affiliate channel is not solely meant for sales. Each affiliate of yours is in fact selling your brand in addition to your products. Imagine the amount of free advertisement you will get from them. Many ecommerce business owners have greatly benefitted from their affiliates. When affiliates sell a product from your ecommerce site, they in effect sell your brand. Affiliate networks are a great way to build reputation.

(III) Extending Your Reach With Affiliates

Let’s not forget that your ecommerce platform cannot sell everything. There is a limitation on the number of products which you can sell depending on your wallet. With affiliates you can sell products which you need not keep in stock. Items can be directly shipped from your affiliates and you only function as a platform for completing the transaction. Your reputation and standing can be leveraged to offer such a program.

An ecommerce site can become more profitable and extend its reach with an affiliate program.
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