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Importance of A Shopping Cart for your Online Store

The Importance of a Shopping Cart for your Online Store Cannot be Debated. Why is that?
s a Mountain of reasons that are working for it. Since the Expansion of the Web,an even bigger opportunity of doing business online known as Ecommerce generated.Hence because of these very new needs like online conversions and transactions, the online businesses have further realized the importance of A Shopping Cart for their Online Stores.
In an Online survey, some individuals were asked why they preferred Shopping Online. It highlighted the following reasons:

Time Saving 73 %
More Variety 67 %
Easy to Compare Prices 59 %
No Crowd 58 %
Lower Prices 55 %
Spend Less on Gas 40 %
Less Taxes 30%

What are the Different Kinds of Shopping Cart for your Online Store?
The online shopping cart is basically the software that is used in the e- commerce transaction.The software helps Online Shopping Customers to collect a number of items for purchase, described as “placing items in the shopping cart” or “adding to cart”.Hence upon checkout, the software typically calculates a total for the order, as well as shipping and handling (i.e. postage and packing) costs and the taxes associated with them,if any. T
he two main classifications of the Online Shopping Cart are : Licensed and Hosted Cart.

The Licensed Shopping Cart is actually the software that can be installed on any of the servers. This is largely used by the people as they own the license after they purchase it.A more advanced merchant generally enjoys freedom associated with a licensed cart, which can often lend itself to a better user experience and may be less expensive over all.
The Hosted Shopping Cart model is a form of shopping cart  software as a Service(Saas)
In this , the merchant pays a recurring monthly fee for the access to the software. Although, he cannot choose the web server’s configuration or modify or customize the shopping cart software.These carts are often easy for Entrepreneurs, Since the Shopping Cart makes most decisions on the owner’s behalf and often provides a simple interface for non-technical shop-owners.

In this age of Killer Competition, where trillions of Websites are Trying their level best to attract Traffic and Sales , the Ecommerce Shopping Facility has become ubiquitous for any Online Business Model. Although it is sort of possible for an Ecommerce Website to still be able to sell its products without actually having a Digital Shopping Cart but this has a number of disadvantages and ultimately proves no-good to the business owner. On the other hand, by simply Opting of a Shopping Cart for your Online Store, not only do the Owners make to it a profitable venture but also the customers stay glued to a user-friendly site..
Let’s Find Out How Both of them will be Benefited ..

Advantages To The Customers

(1) Convenience and Safety:
This is by far the most important reason of having a shopping cart installed in your Online Store. This makes the handling of Payment Processes and transactions a lot easier. In the absence of an E-shopping cart, the customers wouldn’t have a place to store and manage multiple items and would have to order separately for every item they wish to buy ,which only means repeating the tedious buying process twice, thrice, or sometimes even more.

(2) Data Management – One Stop shop !
The main purpose of this Online shopping Cart is that it provides the Customers to Calculate easily what all they purchase whether it is goods or services.
An Online Shopping Cart contains not only Products but also Customer Data.  Also Features such as Credit Card Processing , Customer Order History and Product Managements can also be used.

(3) Showcase Products – Online Shopping Window!
It gives the customers an instant access to the product details and the best offers that are available at the moment. As the market is constantly evolving, the Online shopping Cart gives the option of being flexible according to the demand of the customers.A good shopping cart cater for the personal needs of the customers improves the site’s usability and makes online shopping a pleasant experience for the customers.

(4) Easy Checkout Features- No Waiting in the Queue!

There is No Waiting/ Stalling or Bargaining required!
There is
absolutely No Worry of the security in the payment modes because it is a lot safer and convenient.
With the help of an Online Shopping Cart you will be able to get what ever you desire in the easiest and the cheaper way. Paying is easy with shopping cart. Customers don’t need to pay for every single item they select, in fact the cart easily calculates the amount for all the selected items and creates an automatic order for them.

Advantages To The Ecommerce Business & the Owner

(1) Statistics & Analytics:
The shopping cart software can organize the information for all successful transactions .This further ensures that the Transaction run smoothly. It enables the employer to deliver what the customers orders. So a without shopping cart integration, it would really be hard task for the business owners to manage their single clients with their number of orders or vice versa.

(2) SEO Friendly Carts :
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of any online business site. A good shopping cart can ensure maximum SEO-Juice follows into the site, by automatically creating keyword-rich URL’s for its products or services.

(3) Business Performance Check:
A good-quality shopping cart offers rich
features LikeProduct Catalog Management and a a over-all simplified business management by producing a wide set of reports to Monitor Regular Sales and provide Opportunities for Customer Service.

(4) Discounting & Coupons :
A good Shopping cart is enabled with functionalities such as Back-End Marketing, Creating Wishlists, Discount / Sale coupons, Inventory Tracking, Up-selling, user ratings or reviews etc. Hence the Shopping carts act as a Profit Medium between the payment processors and websites .

If you are Ignoring any of the above mentioned features,then basically you are drastically reducing the chances of converting traffic into sales.

is a Powerful , Ready-to-Use and Easy-to-Handle eCommerce platform.
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Posted by :Kalpana Dogra

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