How to use WhatsApp for Business?

How to use WhatsApp for Business?

WhatsApp for businessCommunication is an essential, rather a vital part of our life. Technology understands it better and provides us many tools. WhatsApp is on top of this game facilitating one to one and group conversations. It proves useful in sharing digital messages, images and even videos. Personalized and better privacy settings widen its appeal making it a hugely liked and used application in the world. As of April 2014, the app has more than 500 million monthly active users. So marketers have been tried to evaluate how to use WhatsApp for business, especially after Facebook’s acquisition of WhatApp has suddenly got the whole world’s attention.

Business communication is no exception to the wide range of arenas WhatsApp has revolutionized. Here are some interesting facts to understand how WhatsApp can be a good tool for your business.

WhatsApp for customer engagement

Customer engagement is a crucial aspect for any business. Many business firms have already started using social networking websites for communication with their customers. But mediums like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are not as personalized as WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides direct communication between customers and business representatives. This can also happen with Short Messaging Service (SMS), but it has its own limitations. For example, you cannot send digital files via an SMS. Moreover, the use of SMS in social circuits is declining affecting its universality. Such problems are minimized and even overcome completely in WhatsApp.

Promotions and Advertising using WhatsApp

WhatsApp for businessWhatsApp is a good tool to promote your new products or discount offers. You can send detail information about a product to individuals or targeted groups. You can share digital images of a product or video containing directions regarding the use of the product. This works similarly for advertising. You can share attractive e-brochures of your company/product/services by using WhatsApp. You can also share your radio or TV advertisements. Changing your status and display picture for promotion of any particular service can help you gain attention of the customers.

Market Survey with WhatsApp

Organizing surveys for can help you improve your products or services. These surveys can be conducted through WhatsApp. You can get direct feedback from your customers which will improve transparency. Group discussions with customers, employees, suppliers or target audience can happen real-time on WhatsApp. A lot of suggestions and feedback are generated through such activities.

Team building

Your departments can create their own WhatsApp group for better communication. Task updates, new work, meeting timings, work deadline can be discussed on this particular group. From a manager to an employee, everyone can easily communicate through the app. Team building activities, thoughts, new ideas or problems can be shared by your employees. It helps your company grow.

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