Why are the Online Vaping Stores so Famous all of a Sudden….???

Online Vaping Stores – Why are they the New Kid in the Block????

Vaping is the new buzzword. From a handful of Vaping stores, the market has now bludgeoned into a two billion dollar industry worldwide. The upsurge in the Vaping market is a result of several factors both intrinsic to the Vaping product as well as the general climate which is anti-smoking. In addition to the obvious health benefits of Vaping as compared to smoking, there are other aspects which make Vaping an attractive business proposition. Here are some important aspects to keep in mind while starting an online Vaping store.

What is the difference between Vaping and Smoking ?

Smoking as we all know is inhaling smoke created by burning tobacco. This smoke contains nicotine as well as carcinogenic particles, tar and other materials which are dangerous to health. Vaping on the other hand consists of inhaling pure nicotine along with water vapor – hence the term Vaping. The nicotine provides the necessary ‘high’ or intoxication which is free from toxic materials. A word of caution – the Vaping market is still nascent and the long term effect of Vaping is not yet clear.

Advantages of Vaping :

In most countries smoking is prohibited in public places. In offices, special spaces are designated as ‘smoking area’. These restrictions have made smoking less of a pleasure and more a bother. Vaping on the other hand can be performed at any place. There is no danger of exposing others to the dangerous and noxious vapors since Vaping does not give off smoke. As a result, you can Vape in public places without breaking the law. Moreover, you need not go in search of a suitable waste basket to dispose the leftover butt. Vaping is clean. It also comes in hundreds of flavors which makes Vaping fun and exciting.

What Is The Difference Between An Online Vaping Store And A Traditional Store ?

A traditional Vaping store requires the presence of physical space in a place which customers frequent. You have to invest a considerable amount to lease or buy a store. With the present high real estate prices, this can drain a lot of money. In contrast, an online Vaping store requires no such investment and costs hardly anything. The cost of signage and physical advertising material is also obviated. Inventory cost can be saved in case you go in for a franchisee arrangement.

How it is more economical to run an online Vaping store ?

In addition to the above benefits, an online Vaping store can be run on remote. This means that you can run an online Vaping store without giving up your present day job. You can also have multiple businesses alongside Vaping. What you need is a readymade, custom-built Vaping ecommerce store which can automate the entire business process – from buying Vaping material and accessories, inventory, order taking, billing, distribution and shipping. The entire business can be quickly and smartly executed with minimum expenses.

How to Set-up your Very Own Online Vaping Store ….??

Starting an online Vaping store can be a great business proposition. It requires minimum investment and the potential for earning is huge. Installing a process specific ecommerce Vaping store can boost sales and increase profits.
Here are some Cool examples of Online Vaping Stores made using Avactis Shopping Cart softwares….

Store 1 : VapingZone
Store 2 : PuffnStuff

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