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Upcoming Ecommerce Trends 2014 !

Ecommerce Trends for 2014

So do you know what are the upcoming Ecommerce Trends 2014 ??
In eCommerce, things move fast, very fast – and a business’ ability to succeed comes down to two main things – how well they can keep up and how quickly they can adapt.

(1) Stay on Top of New & Emerging Technology

We would say stay abreast of all thats new. But that can hardly be humanly possible. Maintain a few things like meet with new vendors in the area of Re-targeting and Cart Abandonment, get tuned-in to mobile and how traffic will be acquired and retained in that medium.

(2) Get your FAQ Section right!

Don’t be afraid to take the time to explain the nitty-gritty detail of eCommerce to your onsite visitors. If they don’t want to listen, at least you tried and documented the fact that you did try.

(3) Take a really Broad view of eCommerce within the business

Explain the impacts see, reach out to others within the business to see the impacts your moves could have on their worlds. This literally means to Build a Strong Affiliates Network!

(4) Influence other Vendors(Suppliers) to Support eCommerce

You want them to do the same when they’re thinking about their products and their decisions; you don’t want the warehouse to turn around and say ‘hey we have a stock take so the warehouse is closed for the next week’.
That can surprisingly still happen but it absolutely shouldn’t – it means someone at the top isn’t ‘getting’ the eCommerce side of the business and what it means to shut down your biggest store for a week. They wouldn’t do it in bricks and mortar unless there was a fire or flood, so why let it happen to your online business !

(5) Translate Digital Knowledge literally into Usable Information!

In order to get your target customers interested, you have to make your products relevant to them and package it in way that is non-threatening.
If you make people feel ignorant, they’re less likely to support you.
One could start off by writing exceptionally easy to understand product descriptions and product reviews.


E-Commerce is ever growing,and in 2014 growth is expected to be higher than it’s ever been.

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Stay Tuned for more e-commerce Quick-bites!


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