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5 Do’s and Don’ts To Promote an Ecommerce Store During the Holiday Season

Here are 5 Do’s and Don’ts To Promote an Ecommerce Store During the Holiday Season.
You have to do something special to  Promote an ecommerce store during the holiday season– it’s surely not Business As-Usual.
The Holiday Season brings about a surge in our Shopping Hormones. We are, in a way, wired to go on a Shopping Spree as soon as the Holiday Season begins. At the same time we are also genetically geared towards Bargains and Discounts during this time.

So,Here We Go With the 5 Do’s and Don’ts to Promote an ecommerce Store During the Holiday Season.


Do up your website. Wow your visitors. It may be a white Christmas but you don’t have to keep it dull – you need vibrant colors, inspiring designs and lusty looks. You have to jazz it up and get visitors to get into a thrall.

Don’t promise the Impossible!

No need to blush if you go overboard with your offers. It’s after all the holiday season and your ecommerce store needs lots of customers. But never promise the impossible. For example you can’t afford free shipping across the continent for a purchase worth one dollar.


To cash in on the holiday season, you must create an appropriate theme – something which would put visitors into the mood to buy. Be creative while designing your ecommerce website. In fact you must be original and unique in your ideas.

Don’t Spam!

Your email strategy must be well thought out. You should never send Spam emails. There is a possibility that your email can get blacklisted which would spell disaster for your ecommerce site.


Your back-end must be prepared for a rush of traffic. It would be a tragedy if your hardware or servers were to crash due to overload.

Don’t give discounts which will Kill You!

You must calculate all your expenses including the purchase price of a product. It often happens that due to faulty pricing many websites end up losing money even if they have humongous sales. Never sell below the purchase price.

 (4) Make Sure Your Website is RESPONSIVE

Many buyers are now purchasing using their mobiles. Customers are browsing through ecommerce store while on their way to office or back, inside trains, buses and cars. You must ensure that your website is responsive and can be viewed on any mobile device.

Don’t do anything new like changing your CMS!

Never contemplate changing your CMS or ecommerce site design just before or during the holiday season. You never know what will happen during transition. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Keep your technical fervor in check during the holiday season.


Discounts and bargains are an integral part of holiday sales. But this does not mean that you go berserk with the idea. Be smart and creative in offering discounts – try and sell more items by combining two or more products.

 Don’t give freebies without a hook!

Freebies are expected from an ecommerce store during the holiday season. Don’t deny your customer this small pleasure even if it’s just a bar of candy. But for every freebie make sure that the customer does something in return– like opting-in for your newsletter.


Though the above list is not extensive, 5 Do’s and Don’ts To Promote an Ecommerce Store During the Holiday Season are sufficient to ensure that your ecommerce store does great business. Happy holidays.      

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