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Top 5 Ecommerce Strategies to Boost Sales using Facebook Ads

Top 5 Ecommerce Strategies to Boost Sales using Facebook Ads Do you know of the Top 5 Ecommerce Strategies Using Facebook ads to Boost Sales. Facebook Ads have now been accepted as a legitimate medium to attract eyeballs. Online marketing has seen a visible change with the Social-Media finding a significant place in the scheme of things. Of course, experts in digital communication have long looked at paid advertisements with a condescending sneer, but things are changing.

Here’s a list of Top 5 Ecommerce Strategies to Boost Sales using Facebook Ads:

Strategy 1: Know your Target Audience

Facebook and sister Social-Media Sites entertain a wide variety of people from different background and tastes. This diversity of clientèle, if you may call it that, is what makes these Facebook ads attractive to advertising experts.
The secret to success in this scenario is to marry specific products and services with specific audience. If you do this successfully the probability of finding genuine customers becomes high.
Fortunately Facebook ads can be placed virtually anywhere and targeted at your chosen audience in terms of gender, age, occupation, interests and innumerable other variables.

Strategy 2: Judicious Use of Facebook Ad Options

The pricing structure of Facebook ads is quite attractive. You can opt for ‘cost per click’ if you are in the sales mode i.e. if you want to sell your product or services. This need not be the case for everyone. Facebook ads can be used to create brand awareness and for visibility. In such a case ‘cost per impression’ may be a better choice. It all depends on the eventual outcome you are looking for.

Strategy 3: Use Facebook ads for a Blitzkrieg !

This strategy is often seen at work and used to dazzle and amaze prospective customers. This approach is most useful when you are launching a new product or service. Facebook users are blanketed with the same message hundreds of times and as a result the message itself becomes a statement. This strategy is sure to work brilliantly as long as you don’t think of sales as an immediate outcome.
Moreover, the ads themselves have to be clearly designed to attract rather than frustrate viewers. Creating visually appealing ads is a different science altogether and not part of our discussion here.

Strategy 4: Use Analytics to understand Customer Behavior

This is an important part of any Facebook ad placement strategy. You must make use of the Facebook analytics feature which is quite exhaustive and simple to use.
Understanding user behavior can lead to better strategies and improvement in design and placement of your Facebook ads.

Strategy 5: Test, Test and Test again

Never be satisfied with the outcome even if it far exceeds your expectations. You can always do better. Keep changing your advertisement. Change and chop and refine and then change and chop again. And then analyze the results carefully.


Facebook ads are the new faces on the online marketing scene. They have become another exciting option for showcasing and selling your products and services. Make use of it judiciously and reap the benefit.  I definitely recommend the Top 5 Ecommerce Strategies to Boost Sales using Facebook Ads explained above.

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