QR Codes in E-commerce

QR Codes in E-commerce

Q R Code

Speed is the most vital commodity in today’s world. So anything that is quick, fast and swift is appreciated by consumers. Quick Response (QR) codes enable e-commerce owners to reach customers quickly. In turn, they allow customers to check out e-stores immediately.

QR code is a creative matrix that has link to your webpage embedded in the code. This code can be scanned with a smart phone. Once scanned, the code takes the visitor on your landing page. Here are a few ways to harness QR codes to promote your online store:

Bringing in traffic from print media

Printing QR codes in newspapers, magazines and other print media advertisements can enable the reader to directly visit your website. The URL of your website can be embedded within the code. A tracking URL can also be embedded, which helps you measure the performance of your offline marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing

A QR code contains your URL, so it’s equivalent to handing out business cards to your viewers online. A QR code can easily be shared in a Tweet or a Facebook post. Each time the code is shared on any online platform, it exponentially increases your reach. It gives your visitors direct access to your store.

Create Curiosity

A QR code looks very intriguing. Most smart phone users will scan the code simply to see what it does, and this can take them directly to your landing page! Attractive designs and images make it even more irresistible.

Creating Email Segmentation

Since QR code is a new technology, people who respond to it are bound to be smart phone users and tech savvy in general. They are also likely to be active on social media. You can categorize them in your email list and regularly send offers or advertisements on various platforms.

Moreover, you also directly know their interest. For instance, if a person scans the code for purchasing bags from a print media ad, you understand his/her inclinations. In future, you can send them promotional content, discounts etc. aligned with their interests.

Find your demographic

By analyzing the response to the codes, you can see what kind of people are interested in your products. You can cross check if you’re able to reach your target audience or not. The response to your code will generally be from people who adapt to new technology quickly.

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