eCommerce Website Logo – Why is it important?

eCommerce Website Logo – Why is it important?

Avactis eCommerce Website Logo

Avactis Logo

The Apple sans one bite, Wikipedia’s globe with imprint of various symbols…you recognize the greatest brands by these iconic images. The eCommerce website logo defines your eCommerce identity! It is a representation of your entire concept and brand. Having a smart and appealing logo can take you a long way and attract more customers.

Why are logos important?

Your logo summarizes what your brand is about. With clever design and smart use of colors, it can truly create a lasting impression. Your credibility and trust largely depends on it as well. Irrespective of the size of your venture, having a logo will give you a professional touch and an edge over other badly designed websites.

A logo also keeps your brand consistent. The company logo will become your identity and will be used on stationary, business cards, packaging etc. All these will repeatedly reinforce your brand. A consistent logo will also create a feeling of familiarity.

Designing your Logo

Designing your logo is also a very important process. Here are a few things to consider:

-The ratio of images to text. There is no hard and fast rule for this; numerous companies have been successful with different strategies. However, if the name of your company is unusual, make sure it is written on the logo in text as well. The image should be slick and appealing, probably with a clever metaphor or design that represents your values and services

-Placing the logo on the top left is common practice. The reason for this is that the topmost section is most visible and first draws the eye

-Always ensure your logo is placed above the text or alongside it. You may also include it in the footer, but use a smaller sized icon

-If your brand has a tagline, be sure to include it below the logo

-Each page on your website can include different versions of the logo in terms of size, and placement

-Avoid placing a lot of images/ stock photos near your logo as this might distract the reader

The Magic of a Logo

Your sales will shoot up when your logo becomes a familiar and trusted brand. Endorsement from other brands or collaborating with other businesses will increase your reach. Make sure your logo is featured on their website. If you are a brand partner with any media assignment such as an advertisement or film, your logo will feature in their credits. Hence, carefully designing your logo is extremely crucial for the success of your venture.

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