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Increase E-commerce shopping cart's Traffic: Use Infographics

Increase E-commerce shopping cart’s Traffic: Use Infographics

Want to Increase E-commerce shopping cart’s Traffic? Have you tried Using Infographics?
Scratching your head on how to increase the visibility of your e-commerce shopping cart online?
Well, let us get you started on some EASY ways of doing this.
Like Canvas was to Picasso , An Infographic is to a PR or Marketing Person.If a picture is worth a thousand words, How many hits do you think will it generate online?
When was the last time you remembered a page in the book or any city billboard image? Humans by nature are visual learners.
An Infographic is a visual representation of data, information, or knowledge .More like a data chart of mind-blowing facts that will quickly inform buyers about pertinent topics. To understand what makes infographics so crucial for e-commerce websites today, it is important to understand what they are and why they are beneficial.

So what are some of the reasons for choosing an infographic to convey your marketing message?Increase E-commerce shopping cart’s Traffic: Use Infographics

1. Engage Attention: A Colorful and vibrant infographic can instantly spice up a relatively boring topic. Say you could make an infographic for top 5 products bought on your
e-commerce site.

2. Branding: Using logos and slogans on an infographic can help you stretch those marketing muscles digitally. You could get your customers write you feedback on the overall site experience and put it on an info-graph.

3. Slate of Information: Segmentation of the right kind of information for the right audience can help you generate the right response. Apart from making categories and sub-categories of each products for you e-commerce shopping cart, you could put the pictures on an infographic.

4. Create Web-site Back-links: E-commerce shopping cart buyers want information quickly and thereby the enormous success of Google. The algorithm of search engines is regularly improving and as these changes are released, a web-site’s ranking can change greatly!One constant factor that an e-shopping site owner can always depend on is back-links.This is how Google, Bing and Yahoo decide how important a particular website is. Infographics are one of the most effective ways to collect back-links from other websites and social media.
There’s a reason it’s called link bait! If an infographic is interesting enough for people to pass on, share and distribute, the result will surely be plenty of inbound links to its website.

5. SEO-rich Graphics: You could embedded highly popular keywords into your infographic and display it on your website. This way attracting a high volume of prospect buyers. If the content you created is relevant and of high quality, the infographic will get organic shares.As more people view your content they’ll become more interested in the other information you and your company has to offer. This will lead them directly to your e-commerce website, where they will find more information on the products and services that cater specifically to them. Hence you should not be intimidated by infographics.

6. Problem-Solving: An infographic can become a step-by-step instruction guide that helps buyers quickly understand something that might be hard to communicate in another form of communication. Say you could communicate your e-shopping cart’s checkout process in a giffy.

How to Promote Your e-commerce shopping cart Using Infographics??
Increase E-commerce shopping cart’s Traffic: Use Infographics
This Particular Tool has come a long way over the past few years. The form their own educational medium of interest. A single infographic can is more accessible, persuasive and more memorable .
Hence this should be part of a company’s web marketing strategy.The 5 Point Effective Infographic Plan

1. Outline your infographic in sections:
Establish a main idea and stick to it. Try to keep the text to a minimum or else you would be writing a Picture Book!

2. Invest in a good design:
A good design will not only find an original way of selling the store you want to market, it will also do so in a way relevant to the data you are sharing.

3. Target Market: Eye of the Tiger!
Again, focus the design idea on what would appeal to your audience.
Say an e-commerce site would appeal to web-developers, merchants, web-designers, etc .
So if you are designing an infographic for a web-designer don’t point it at Stock-traders.

4. Edit your infographic ruthlessly:
You should scrutinize every piece of content both graphic and written. The various types of infographics that can be adopted in e-commerce shopping websites include, but are not limited to, pictures, graphs, diagrams, charts, lists, maps, and tables. Which infographics would work best for your website, of course, will depend on what kind of product you are trying to sell.

5. KIS-Keep It Simple!
Allow your Infographic to be easily read and understood. This is the ultimate key to a Great Infographic.

6. Infographic go Social:
Social networking portals like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest are brimming with posts that are extremely popular with users and also advertised heavily on other media. You would do quiet well to make use of them for the greatest marketing pull. You should also lay emphasis on Google’s Page Rank relevancy metric – this will boost your SEO chances significantly.

I would say -Start creating, sharing and exploring great visual content today !

Kalpana Dogra
Marketing & Communications @ Avactis

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