5 Tips to remember while picking up a domain name

5 Tips to remember while picking up a domain name

Picking up a domain name can be a pickle itself sometimes. Here we have come up with 5 useful tips that you can use to your advantage while choosing a domain name for your website or brand.

Picking up a domain name

1. Pick up an easy to pronounce name

This is to ensure that when people are talking about your website, it helps them easily remember your websites as well as spread vitality. Ideally many famous websites and brands have a name which is in sync with the phonological loop i.e has a rhyme to it or has repetitive letters, hence easier to remember as well as to spell.

e.g. Coca Cola – Co Ca Co La

Google – Goo-Gle

Apple – Ap-ple

Blackberry – Black-Berry

2. Choose only a Dot-Com

It is recommended to pick up only a Dot Com name as Rand Fishkin from Moz also says so. Also customers and people generally tend to auto type .COM at the end of the website name so it makes more sense. Also it makes it easier to brand your website in case of a .COM. In case you have a website which is .NET, the marketing and branding of your website has to include the full domain name say “mywebsite.net” and not just “mywebsite”.

3. Should not be too long

The domain should be as short as possible. Makes it more memorable and also easier to market to. A long domain name is usually difficult to memorize as well as may gather up more space than usual websites when required, say in the advertising space or something as simple as a business card. Plus, a short domain name speaks for professionalism and it is easier to spread word about the domain in the real world.

4. Avoid numbers and hyphens

Numbers and hyphens should be avoided at all costs. Names like redflowers4wedding & 4ever2gether are something which are a SEO nightmare most of the times. Also it makes the website difficult to search for and remember.

5. The domain name should ideally speak for your brand

Your website name is an identity of your brand, just like your name which sets you apart from the rest. Like Rand Fishkin also gives an example in his blog that names like bankrate.com & lendingtree.com are more compelling than mortgageforyourhome.com & shoesandboots.com. Ideally the name of the website should speak for the nature of business itself, although if you wish to build a brand, it is better to stick with your brand/company name

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