Selfies in the World of Ecommerce

Selfies in the World of Ecommerce

Selfies in the World of EcommerceFrom Academy Award ceremony to football matches, there is a buzz of selfies. From celebrities to wannabes, everyone is using them to garner attention on social network. Selfies have now caught the fancy of the business world; they are effectively used to promote products, service and brands on social network. Besides promotion, business houses also use selfies to strengthen their presence on social network. Ecommerce business leads the way in the use of selfies for their business, how selfies and ecommerce go together and many brands with an online presence have begun to realize the importance of using selfies in the world of ecommerce.

The Wikipedia‘s definition of a selfie is “A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone”

Social Network and selfies

Selfies can be easily promoted through photo-sharing social hubs like Instagram and Pinterest. The advantage here is that pictures can have a back-link that takes the visitor to your website. Attractive selfies can prompt potential customers to follow your website and make purchases. Pinterest has a popular presence where anyone from customers to ecommerce website can post their photos. It provides facility to post photos category-wise. This is the biggest advantage for ecommerce website, as owners can put the selfies according to the sections. The products become easy to spot this way, contributing to increased awareness about the product.

Selfies with Product

Selfies in the World of EcommerceSelfies in the world of ecommerce can be used to promote products as well as provide testimony by customers. So a clothing based ecommerce website can post photos of models wearing the clothes to be promoted. Once a few sales happen, images of customers wearing the garments can be posted. This reassures the potential customers that the merchandise can fit across shapes and sizes. Instead of getting them awestruck with perfect models, experienced customers can help the new one relate. This method is also applicable to accessories like watches, sunglasses and even spectacles.

Promotion via Eminent Personae

Like models do, selfies of brand ambassadors and tycoons who own the product add weight to the promotion. Celebrities’ selfies which showcase that they themselves use the particular product can attract the customers. Linking these selfies directly to the product on ecommerce website proves beneficiary for the business. It creates a feeling of trust amongst customers which can be a decisive step in the purchase.

Posted By: Ishan Bhat

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