Multi Vendor Marketplace : Providing New Opportunities in the eCommerce Zone

Multi Vendor Marketplace : Providing New Opportunities in the eCommerce Zone

Multi Vendor MarketplaceThere are many big names in the eCommerce industry like eBay, Amazon who have created their mark. They have set a benchmark which is not easy to achieve but it’s not impossible. There are many aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to achieve that benchmark and to facilitate the dream of these entrepreneurs Avactis has come up with Multi Vendor Marketplace solution for our customers.

Multi Vendor Marketplace has taken the online retail industry one step ahead. Just for the record, Multi vendor marketplace is a Online Store where multiple vendors can sell their products through one single store. More the vendors you have in your store, more will be the range of your product offerings and more will be the profits.

Multi Vendor Marketplace provides a win-win situation to the store owner as well as the vendors.

Benefits for the Store Owner,

(1) Store owner can sell a wide range of varied products through his Multi vendor Store

(2) Multi vendor Store can get your store a lot of traffic due to different products available in your store.

(3) Store owner doesn’t have to think about the product or the inventory

(4) Store owner can earn a lot of commission due to lot of selling option available in Multi vendor marketplace.

Benefits for the Vendor,

(1) Vendors get to sell their product at the store which is already established in the market.

(2) Vendors just have to add their product and start selling, avoiding the technicalities involved in setting up an individual store.

Features of Multi-Vendor Marketplace :

  • Supports All product types
  • Flexible Commissions (Fixed or Percentage wise)
  • Email notification to the store owner, vendor and customer
  • Product SEO
  • Payment History
  • Separate Vendor Profile
  • Vendor can add various images for his product
  • Vendor dashboard
  • Product approval by Store Owner
  • Vendor can be enabled and disabled by the store owner
  • Stock management
  • Product info can be edited
  • Product can be deleted


If you think, you would like to get into the ecommerce field with Multi Vendor marketplace, just get in touch with our experts at [email protected] and we will make it happen for you.

Click here to know more about Avactis Multi Vendor Software.

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