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E-commerce cart's Conversion Rates:The Ecommerce Famous Five!!!

conv1How to Improve your E-commerce cart’s Conversion Rates??

After the initial commotion and efforts revolving around setting up an e-commerce store is done and dusted, the most vital aspect of e-commerce surfaces i.e. Making Profits!
And nothing impacts this statistic than, how optimally your store is able to convert a visitor into a customer.

Here are a few methods to boost your e-commerce conversion rates:

1. Focused Target Group
This is especially true for smaller e-commerce platforms , which cannot afford the bandwidth to cater to a larger audience.
They should attempt to communicate and position the identity of the e-commerce cart in the consumer’s mind with relative ease.
The conversion rate is bound to improve since the prospective customer will visit the store with a preconceived notion about the store’s service-comcept. This makes sure that there is a higher chance that his or her expectations are fulfilled.

2. Smaller Checkout Funnel
Having a lengthy checkout process is similar to making your customer wait in a long queue, had you had a brick and mortar store instead of an online one. The lesser amount of clicks it takes for your customers to complete the buying process, the happier they will be.

3. Good Quality Images
One of the popular reasons why many people still prefer purchasing products in the ‘real world’ is because they want to be more sure of the look and feel of what they are buying. While this obstacle cannot be completely overcome in the virtual world, its effect can certainly be reduced by uploading pictures of the product that are of high quality and give a well rounded view of it.

4. Comprehensive Descriptions
This aspect goes hand in hand with the visual media. Make sure that no details about the products are left out. While it may be tempting to think that a vague description might eventually convince the customer to buy a product, sustained conversions can only take place when each product copy is able to clarify every point that a prospective buyer would like to know.

5. Free Shipping
This is always a debatable topic when it comes to e-commerce conversions. Though it does make sense to cover up costs incurred in shipping, innumerable studies have shown that free shipping can lead to an increase in conversion rates by as much as 40%. It is not a shock that customers love the idea having to just pay for the product. And the increased conversions more than make up for the shipping expenses.

Food for thought
Do not forget to thoroughly monitor your conversion rates everyday. It is such a sensitive metric that a few innocuous looking changes to your e-commerce business can have a significant impact on improving sales.
Make sure the result of every action is measured meticulously, and strive for a higher conversion rate by establishing periodic goals.
Both Clicky and google Analytics are great source of conversions.

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