7 SEO Tips for your E-Commerce Site

You are the proud owner of an e-commerce site. However, you are still not aware how to optimize your site so as to get best results from the search engines. As you have invested money on your site, you want to drive more traffic from the various search engines which can increase your overall profits. There are a few SEO tips, which if followed will definitely boost the performance of your website.

  1. The Site Structure and Internal Linking should be Systematic

The design of the website plays a significant role when you are optimizing it for the search engines. So it is always better to have the web developer work along with the SEO person while finalizing on the structure of the site and the internal links.

An e-commerce site should be easy to navigate wherein you can find the product you are searching for easily. If there are duplicate content issues, they should be fixed at the earliest. Product categories and sub-categories based should be clearly organized and implemented. This way it becomes easier to optimize the site as and when required.

2. Place Quality Content and Images

Don’t you feel that content and images are the main features of an e-commerce site? They are the main traffic driving factors. So when you place good pictures of the products along with subtle yet interesting descriptions, they tend to get premier positions during searches. When you are able to create an appealing e-commerce site, half of the job of getting visitors is done.

3. Keep in mind the Meta Tags and Keyword Relevancy

Your e-commerce site will have a lot of pages. So how to make every page noteworthy – the answer lies in the usage of Meta tags and keywords. Start with making a list of keywords on which your content will be based on. Then with all those important keywords you can create the short description of that webpage. That is known as the Meta tag and it cannot be more than 155 characters.

It is simply informing the search engines, in a very short and effective manner, the content of the page. Using the Meta tags while composing your page ensures traffic generation from the search engines.

4. Display the products which are Popular

Your e-commerce site comprises of a plethora of products. There are surely some products which sell much more than the others. The best SEO tip in this respect would be to highlight the featured and popular products, instead of congesting your page with all the products. Display the products in your homepage which are already being loved, to entice prospective buyers.

You can also prioritize the products which you feel have the potential to sell, and link them to your homepage. Combining the already popular products with the possible hot products will balance you homepage and allure visitors. Once a product is liked and brought by your visitors, then there are increased chances that his friends and relatives might also check out your site and buy products of their choice.

5. Take a Look at your Products

You have been performing the above mentioned tips and can also witness a growth in the traffic to your site. However, though you are moving in the right direction, you can also see that your products are not being purchased at the proportion you desire.

It is time for you to delve into some research work. Firstly, check the product pages and find out what is missing in them. Maybe the images and information offered are not alluring the people. In such cases, you need to modify the pages and make them more attractive.

However, during certain occasions the problem lies with the product itself. Maybe, you are displaying the wrong product. They might lack quality, or might be too costly or might not have the required color combinations.

There can also be prodcuts which have become obsolete and does not interest the buyers. You should immediately stop highlighting those products and try and figure out the recent buying trends. You can look in to the competitor sites in order to get an idea about what is hot and what is not. Make changes to your website accordingly and keep it updated from time to time.

6. Make your website interactive

Without proper images, videos and keyword targeting, you will never be able to find your website listed in the top search engines. With the advancement of technology, it has now become imperative to make your site more interactive. You receive a visitor from a search engine visiting for a particular product. However, he is not happy with the product which is being shown in your website and will tend to move to another site. During such times you can elevate the search experience by displaying products which are similar to what he is looking for.

You can also add a small box wherein the visitors can jot down their feedbacks and requirements. When you provide the visitors with something extra, they will appreciate it and will come back to the site again.

7. Offers and discounts add to the interest of the visitors

Imagine yourself being a loyal customers of a particular site. But after a point of time when you are not provided with any offers, you will surely switch your allegiance to a competitors site which provide special discounts on the same products. In order to keep your customer base intact as well as increasing it, announce for some attractive offers.

An e-commerce site, with loads of products and their descriptions, is hard to maintain. Getting the correct SEO tricks for an e-commerce site is even harder. You have to consistently look at the existing pages as well as the newly introduced pages and make necessary changes to maintain a prominent position in the search engines.

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