5 Video Marketing Success Stories

Getting people to notice your products is becoming harder day by day. With the gazillion bytes of data being poured into the Internet and social media website, all that people can hear is noise. It is getting difficult and difficult to break through the clutter now a days. As Gary Vaynerchuk quotes, “ the amount of content that was created since the beginning of time until 2003, that same amount is now created in every 48 hours.”

Thus it becomes a challenge to cut through the clutter factor, and thus make your content viral. In this blog I am going to share some of the videos that have been successful in their marketing campaign and grabbing attention in the Internet world, where literally every other piece of content was fighting for attention. Here are the 5 Video Marketing Success Stories that have stood out among the rest.

1. Go Pro Hero

This is an example of where a product doesn’t remain a mere product, but given a sense of adventure and fun.

2. BlendTec

When the founder of BlendTec himself demonstrates the power and usability of this wonderful product, no doubt it leaves people without any doubts. Like they say, ” Seeing is believing”

3. Dollar Shave Club

The best way to market oneself is to brag. And brag they do and guess what, people love them for it. This advertisment might be goofy and funny, but it works.

4. ALS Ice Bucket Challange

This is when Viral Marketing meets Video Marketing. The ALS ice bucket challange videos, not only helped raise awareness about the cause, but it also it an example of chain reaction where everyone jumped together (and nominated others) for a greater cause, as well as raised funds for donations.

5. Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Last but not least, Dove’s real beauty sketches was a way to connect with its consumers in a more humane way, and people appreciated them for it. The uplifting videos helped them get more than a 100 million views.

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