Custom Development

If your business requires functionality beyond the default features of Avactis CMS & Shopping Cart, our engineers can modify its source code to meet your business demands.

What We Do

  • Tweak the existing features of Avactis
  • Create new features specific to your business
  • Integrate third-party systems (payment gateways, fulfillment/shipping, external product data sources, etc)

How it works?

1. You send an email to where you describe what kind of features you need for your store.

If you would like to integrate your store with some web service
(payment processor, inventory data source, etc) please attach
(or include links to) API documentation of the web service.

2. We read your message and see if such a customization is possible.

3. If something is not clear, we reply with a list of additional questions. We need you to answer those to be able to estimate the complexity of the job.

4. Finally, we send you a detailed estimate and a payment link.

5. You order the customization via the payment link we sent you and receive an email confirmation.

6. We do the programming.

7. You preview the feature and let us know if everything is OK or something needs to be adjusted.

8. We install the new feature to a testing server and let you preview everything.

If the change is small and mostly harmless, we can skip that and install it to the live store right away.

9. You are happily using the new feature.

10. We polish the feature according to your comments and install it to your live store.