7 things you need to know about Open Source Cloud Computing…

7 things you need to know about Open Source Cloud Computing…

Open Source Cloud Computing Proprietary ecommerce seems to be out-dated thanks to Open Source Cloud Computing technology !
In modern times, every challenge that businesses face has successfully been addressed through technology. Ecommerce businesses have started adopting new technologies to provide enhanced services to their customers.
Open Source Cloud Computing simplifies many process of database oriented work and ecommerce is not an exception.

Here are some important points demonstrating the importance of Open Source Cloud Computing in ecommerce business.

(1) Beneficiary with shopping cart :
Open Source Cloud Computing is a beneficiary option for small scale ecommerce companies that are planning to build a shopping cart. Databases require ownership of a server which can cost whopping amounts.
Open Source Cloud Computing provides unrestricted system code which allows easy sharing between service providers and ecommerce owners. This acts as a money saver for small firms. Shopping cart based on this technology can be more organized and proactive in researching and assembling.

(2) Easy customization :
Easy customization is possible on ecommerce websites based on Open Source Cloud Computing. The website developer has access to any third party integrations, extensions and plug-ins- free of cost!
There is access to any existing baseline framework without spending a single penny. With multiple functionalities and tools on offer, the developer can give his/her personal touch to the website.

(3) Easy integration of payment gateway :
Some of the Open Source Cloud Computing services have pre-integrated payment modules. This helps payment gateway to integrate easily with the shopping cart. With an ecommerce store based on this technology, the customers do not need an SSL certificate for payments through credit cards.
It is a secured process as database is not managed by any particular company and your card number is not stored in any database. This prevents misuse of your financial information.

(4) Multi-language support :
Worldwide customer spread enforces ecommerce websites to have multi-lingual support. Proprietary ecommerce websites manage their own database. In such a scenario, process of addition of language becomes technically critical. Open Source Cloud Computing nullifies this problem as it supports all leading languages in the world. Addition of languages is also very easy.

(5) No license fees :
There are no license fees for Open Source Cloud Computing ecommerce websites. Consequently, the products offered by these websites can cost much less than those on proprietary ecommerce websites. The greatest advantage is that the profits of your business are still intact.

(6) Low operating cost :
The management for this technology is much cheaper than conventional database management systems. Ecommerce website can also benefit on this account. Open Source Cloud Computing provides a giant server for many applications which saves the cost of managing personal server or database management. Like for shopping carts, larger websites can use this to reap greater advantages.

(7) Security updates :
The security information is updated regularly and automatically. On the contrary, proprietary managed ecommerce website need to update their security information manually.

Does your Online Business Need Open Source Cloud Computing ?
Yes, It Definitely Does!
It is an easy, cost-effective and Quick way to get you Business Started and to continue Staying on top of the Competition.
Here’s a Free Open source Cloud Computing Software for you>>

Posted by :Kalpana Dogra

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