Men are From Twitter and Women are From Facebook !

Men are From Twitter and Women are From Facebook !

Men are From Twitter & Women are From FacebookSo who do you think runs the world of Social Media?? Lads or the Lassies??
Women are largely considered to be more expressive and willing to share.
Men, on the contrary, generally use social media to gather the information they need to build influence.

So is it true that Men are From Twitter and Women are From Facebook ??
Like they say , if you want to Get the Word out , tell a woman!Arguably enough , Social Media Curve has slanted more towards women! Sounds pretty damn cliché , doesn’t it? And almost a little gender-biased!
But from a e-commerce perspective, generalizations of women as gossipy or emotional seem to be working to our advantage.Women appear to be better at using social media for business and marketing purposes.

Recent studies suggest that almost 71% of Internet female users are active on one or more social media sites, compared to slightly less than 62 % of men.
This is Our take on the Famous Octavo Men are From Mars……! Each Month , 40million more women visit twitter than men ! Thats more than the entire state of California. Women on Facebook participate in 62% of the sharing.
Here’s a little Table to show just how they impact individually–

Social Media Site

Men Activity

Women Activity

  1. Youtube

25% of men watch Youtube Video Daily

Compared to 17% of Women

  1. Facebook

62% male users

71% users female users

  1. LinkedIn

54% active male user

46% active female users

  1. Pinterest

Meager 30%

Overwhelming 70% female users

  1. Google +



If you are the owner of an on-line store which caters largely to women products, you should use bright pictures of happy women faces making a purchase.
e.g. Organic Soap store is expected to attract a lot of women potential buyers

Alongside, If you cater a branded shoe type to Men, A Boot Sale showing a Smartly dressed man would get you the right type of sales lead for your online store.

We want to help you focus our company’s social efforts to match your customer’s behaviors:

(1) Know Where Your Customers Spend Their Time:
Your online customers are spending a great amounts of time on social networks.
Whereas an average person might only spend 15-30 minutes per day, many people spend multiple hours each week.Your strategic e-commerce marketing plan should include a steady dose of social media along with email and other marketing strategies that reach your target audience.

(2) Find Content That Will Relate Deeply With Your Audience:
Some of the audience members make purchases, but most keep coming back just because they care about the content you are sharing.

(3) It’s Time to Take Video Seriously:
There’s been a stupendous increase in – how long users watch a video from 5 minutes to nearly 6 minutes). This may open the door for marketers looking to produce edutainment videos (combining education and entertainment to produce engaging videos that keep people engaged for long time).

(4) Consider the Role of Mobile
* Be sure your website is mobile-optimized
* Create content that is easy to consume and respond to via mobile devices (shorter responses are better)
*If your audience is business-oriented or located in the Asia/Pacific region, make sure to develop a mobile strategy

Social Networks are growing huger!So big, in fact, that many of them are competing in size with some of the largest countries in the world.
Apparently the Chinese social network QZone is even bigger than Facebook.

* Facebook is bigger than Russia.

* MySpace is pretty close in size to Mexico.

* LinkedIn, Bebo and Xanga are bigger than Canada.

* Considering Twitter’s strong growth, it won’t be long until it’s bigger than Sweden.

*Orkut is larger (barely) than France.

Why do you think certain sites attract more males than females and vice versa?We’d love to hear what you think, so please let us know in the comments.

Kalpana Dogra
Social Media Slick

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