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How to make your Customers Shop,Shop and Shop more?

How to make your Customers Shop,Shop and Shop more?
The world wide web has drastically changed to from being a static one-way communication to to being Social and interactive channels.
I don’t say that turn your site into a Foursqaure or Facebook replica!
You can start by installing some of these below mentioned cool ideas;

(1) Add a Blog
A blog can easily be added to your current e-commerce store and helps establish your Store as experts in your field. They are also ideal for adding fresh content which increases search engine rankings. Visitors can interact with your blog by leaving a comment, subscribing to RSS feeds or a newsletter.

(2) Delicious Widgets (Twitter and Facebook)
With the explosion of social media, it’s important to cross-link them to your e-commerce shopping cart. Twitter and Facebook can easily be incorporated into your store so visitors can automatically be added to your accounts by clicking on the icons.It makes Social Shopping easier for your e-commerce store.

(3) Think Like a Woman ! Communicate!
Live chat features allow visitors to connect with your sales representatives or support personnel immediately.
It’s a simple, but effective, demonstration of your company’s focus on providing exceptional and dedicated customer service.

(4) Make Your Store Viral and VisualYouTube !
Not all people like to read text online. Some are visual learners.Adding a video to your store enables visitors to listen and watch your content, dramatically increasing retention and comprehension of your key selling points.
A great and interactive video can be a GREAT USP for your store.

(5) Think of a Surprise Freebie!
E-courses or Freebies (e-books, tutorials) are like a small guide where you send a new lesson every few days using an auto-responder.
By educating your customer they will be more inclined to purchase your products.

Find and generate that something that fits your Store’s theme or genre well, and stick to it.

It should match the style and overall look of your store.

Kalpana Dogra
Your E-commerce Style consultant!

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