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5 Things About Slow Website Speed Your Boss Wants to Know….

Imagine this from an e-commerce entrepreneur’s point of view and you will know how inversely your sales are affected due to slow website speed.The internet age has brought with it probably the toughest test of patience – sit in front ...
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Aim: Integrating Avactis Shopping cart with an existing Website

Avactis shopping cart provides you with easy an integration to your current website giving customers a hassle free shopping experience. The competition in the e-commerce sector is getting stiffer every day and designing a completely new website may not be ...

News Flash: Heartbleed Bug Fixed

Is your Store Heartbleed Protected ? What is Heartbleed? *A major breakdown in internet security. *Millions of Passwords, Credit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers are at risk. …….. More on Heartbleed But Don’t Worry! All Avactis Hosting Servers are updated ...

Weekly Discount : Flat 25% Off !

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