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Are you fed-up of High Cart-Abandonment Rates??

Beginner’s Guide to Re-marketing

Are you fed-up of High Cart-Abandonment Rates?? Its an absolute shame to lose customers !
The reasons could be anything from a haywire computer networks or to any other user activity like  spilling of coffee on the laptops!!! You don’t want such activities to stop any potential buyer from Abandoning Your Cart! Do you ??

Thanks to the Digital Gods for Re-Marketing!

This is a way how many advertisers who have been working with Google AdWords are completely unaware of its existence and how many great benefits stem from it.
For e -commerce, a new technique is “re-marketing” — using multiple touches to generate continued interest in the product.

What is Adwords Display Re-marketing??
If you’ve ever noticed that ads appearing on pages you visit online are extremely reflective of your interests, you’ve experienced re-marketing.
The channel used for targeting these users is simply the Adwords Display Network.The Display Network consists of websites that have AdSense ad blocks on their website.
Google AdWords uses a small cookie in users’ browsers in order to identify that they have visited your site previously and thereby enables you to target these users specifically.

Target users who are un-installing your digital product, cancelling a regular subscription or returning a tangible product after a free trial period. These are usually enticed with an offer they can’t refuse.

How does Re-marketing work??
(1) Create the Re-marketing Tag:
To begin you need to first start with a re-marketing tag within the Google Adwords.
The re-marketing tag is a small piece of JavaScript code, very much similar to the Google Analytics code, which you embed in the footer within your site.
The re-marketing tag goes on every single page of your website.

(2) Create Remarketing Lists:
Upon successful integration of tags , one can easily create lists for product categories, specific pages, custom combination categories, and for the most used in re-marketing… for abandoned shopping cart users. You will then create lists based on sections of your site that people visit.

Get most out of re-marketing??
The peril with this type of marketing are the chances for users to become annoyed due to the “creepy” nature of ads following them around. However, if they were on the fence about an item, the ads can sway the consumer to make the purchase.
Static marketing is dead, and businesses of any size have to be creative to cut through the clutter.
I would like to recommend that you should control the amount of time your ad should be shown to a user on a daily basis. You certainly don’t want to stalk your customers

Re-marketing is something you should definitely explore .Its low cost-per-conversion and ease of use makes this something that you definitely want to include PPC Marketing Plan.

I would strongly recommend about 25% of your marketing budget towards a Successful Re-marketing campaign.

”Your Digital Marketing Help”

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