Avactis shopping cart system is built around PHP technology using MySQL to store data. Therefore, Avactis shopping cart software can be installed on any server where a PHP interpreter, MySQL database server and web server are in place.

Operating system: Unix, Linux, Windows, MacOS.

Web server should support PHP version mentioned below:

Avactis Version PHP Version
Avactis Next 4.3 5.3 and Above
Avactis Next 3.0.0 5.3 and Above
Avactis Next 1.0.0 5.3 and Above
Ebusiness 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 5.3 and Above
Ebusiness 2.1.1 5.2 and 5.3
Ebusiness 2.1.0 5.2 and 5.3
1.9.9 and earlier* 5.1

*Version previous to 2.1.0 is not supported. Please upgrade it to latest one.

1.Web server should support MySQL version 4.0.2 or higher. You will need to have access to the MySQL database, including these details: MySQL server name, database name, username and password for MySQL access.

2.Available disk space on the host server for Avactis shopping cart system should be at least 35MB, plus the database size, which depends on the number of products on sale. For smaller Internet stores, the database size will not exceed 5MB, for medium-sized stores - 10MB, and for very large stores - about 100MB.

3.Amount of memory available to PHP processes should be 64MB (128MB for 64-bit OS).
4.HTTPS for some payment methods (including offline credit card processing).

5.SSH (Secure Shell) access or Cron job management is required for backup and restore.

6.Apache mod_rewrite module is required for SEO URLs support.

7.Apache mod_rewrite module is required for SEO URLs support.

8.The following PHP settings are required:
Install PHP zip extension for AvactisNext 4.3 version;
upload_max_filesize - mustn't be 0;
upload_tmp_dir - should be defined;
md5() function - must be enabled;
GMP library - is recommended for faster and stable RSA encryption.

All the above-mentioned requirements will usually be met by most web hosting providers.