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Support Credits are an all-purpose currency used to pay for technical support.
Support credits can be provided with a license or purchased separately. Buy Credits Right Now

Free Support Credits

With every Avactis license, you receive a certain number of Free Credits that you can use.

If you purchase multiple Avactis licenses, you will be eligible for Free Credits on each licenses which will be added to your account. You can then use these Credits to receive technical support for any of your licenses registered with your account.

NOTE: Free support credits along with the Avactis license will expire 12 months from the order date.

Support Credits Provided With Each Avactis Version
Free Version: 0 Credits
Leased Version: UNLIMITED Level 1 Support + 50 Credits
Owned Version: 200 Credits *
SaaS Version: UNLIMITED Level 1 Support, UNLIMITED Level 2 Support on “Professional” hosting plan,
50 Credits on “Basic” hosting plan, 200 Credits on “Standard” hosting plan


As our experience shows, this amount of Credits is enough to let you start up an online store. If you need more, you can purchase additional Support Credits at any time. They will be debited to your account and will be available whenever you need them. Support credits purchased separately from a license never expire.

* Credits are not provided if you purchase the license at a discount over than 20%.

Cost of Support Services and Service Levels

The cost of every issue (i.e. support request) is determined by our support specialists. Typically, it depends on the complexity of the issue and the time required to resolve it. All issues get classified according to Levels. Please see the following table for issue categories and their estimated costs:

General issues

General questions, consultations regarding forums or Helpdesk usage, questions about Avactis Shopping Cart license policy, description of the services.

Warranty issues

Questions regarding the 30-day money back guarantee.

Bug reports

Questions or discussions of bug issues in the software. Bug fixes or new builds of the software are provided to the client free of charge. Patching or upgrading by Avactis staff is not free.

Quote requests

Questions about service, project, or modification costs.

Description of Avactis features

Questions about Avactis Shopping Cart features and the features usage.

20-30 Credits FREE 20-30 Credits FREE
Avactis setup

Configuration of taxes and shipping modules after the software installation.

30-45 Credits FREE 30-45 Credits FREE
Licensed domain modification, license transfer

Changes of license URLs and personal license data.

10 Credits FREE *
Simple customization and design

Simple questions about Avactis templates and code modifications which could be resolved within 30 minutes.

20-45 Credits FREE *
Root-cause analysis

Analysis of root causes of problems. Problems will be reviewed to determine their root causes, measures will be taken to correct the sources of the problems, and reports will be prepared and distributed.

20-60 Credits FREE *
Root-cause analysis with pro-active code debugging

Analysis of root causes of issues by using time-consuming code tests or server tests and time-consuming pro-active code debugging.

60-200 Credits FREE *
Hosting or server side issues

Problems with 3rd-party hosting servers. Issues with server mail systems, viruses, etc.

20-60 Credits 20-60 Credits 20-60 Credits FREE *
Update of Avactis Free edition to Avactis Owned edition (same version) after purchasing of a license
60 Credits 60 Credits 60 Credits FREE *
Clarification of details

Time-consuming clarification or discussion of specific issue or task details.

10-20 Credits FREE *

* Level 2 support is free only on “Professional” hosting plan.

If we find that your issue is caused by an Avactis bug, we will refund 100% of the credit cost of your support ticket.

In every e-mail that we send you, we identify how many Credits have been charged after processing your request.

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