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Club Membership

Mobile Skin
Included Included
Notify Me
Included Included
Storefront For Facebook
Included Included
Avactis Monitor
Included Included
Ajax Mini Cart
Included Included
Most Viewed Products
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Send to Friend
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Price Filter
Included Included
Invoice in PDF
Included Included
Last Viewed Products
Included Included
Top Rated Products
Included Included
Product Comparison
Included Included
Language Packs Included Included
*Support Credits 50 200
Installation Allowance 1 Domain 10 Domains
*Price $199/yr $499/yr
*Launch Offer Special

+What is the Avactis Club Membership?
+How many Extensions do you plan to release over the next year?
+What is the cost of the membership?
+Is this the regular price ?
+Will the price of the membership stay the same for me?
+What is the difference between single license and multiple license membership?
+What support do I get with the Club Membership?
+What are the other exciting plans for Avactis in the coming months?
The extension enables a mobile look of your Avactis store for your mobile visitors.
This extension lets customers to opt for notifications when the product, in which they are interested, is out-of-stock or in low stocks.
Increase your customer base by showing your Avactis products on your Facebook Page.
Avactis Monitor was created for real-time monitoring of online stores and portals based on Avactis.
Allows customers to add products to their carts and see cart contents on that same page.
Extension displays products that customers most viewed. Products are sorted by total number of views.
This feature allows your customers to share products they like with their friends and will attract more customers to your online store.
The PriceFilter block creates several links with a range of prices for filtering the current product list
This extension lets you generate invoices in PDF format.
The extension remembers and displays products that customers last viewed.
Extension allows you to display a short list of products sorted by their rate.
This extension lets customers select products from the catalog, add them to a special block, then compare the attributes of the selected products.
Avactis storefront labels are translated by native speakers. Language packs includes languages like French, German, French(Canada), Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish etc.
Support Credits
Installation Allowance

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