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store front design abandoned

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Posted 28 October 2008 - 12:36 AM

Hello I'm Billy I'm trying to launch my car audio / visual web store called Hekomanspace! I had a guy offer to design my front end and format the back end pro bono and he was going to use my website for his portfolio because he told me that he liked my design idea. I agreed, after all he was helping me put it all together and for that I'm very grateful. However, For those who read this I would like to direct your attention to (http://www.hekomansp...store/about.php). As you can see the formatting is not right and not all pertinent product information is shown. After about a 5 min pause or longer, it then takes about 30 sec or longer to respond and finally I'm able to click to the next page. As you also will see the site for the most part is mostly completed and it looks good, however, the back end needs some additional formatting and tweaking. Home, About the man, Special offers, Contact us, and My account links were to be formatted so that I could edit everything accordingly. It is crucial that I'm able to control all my editing. At least my home page and special offers page if nothing else. All my links he just left me without being able to edit anything to these pages. My splash page (http://www.hekomanspace.com/) used for now as my coming soon page, was to be integrated in with the front end. If you look at the splash page you'll see under the words (space) a little clicky thingy that was put there so you could click on that and it would take you right to the site. Now inside that clicky thingy was to read, ( Engage.) I have products already listed in the web store as you can see and I'm ready to sell. However, I can not do this until my site is at tip top performance. I'm asking if anyone with skills in this department offer me some love and understanding in getting this vision of mine off the ground. We'll work something out. My name again is Billy Frazier and you can contact me at Hekomanspace@yahoo.com if you have any questions or suggestions. Is there a God out there some where? I've heard so many wonderful things about the people here in this forum that help people in situations just like me. Solidarity always, and thank you all very much...

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Posted 30 October 2008 - 01:39 PM

Hi Billy, Beautiful work! Did you do the design? or this person who offered to do it pro bono? 1. I had no problem with load times on your pages. Here is a heads up on what I think is going on (I see you are in CA as well as am I) ... we here on the west coast seem to be running into some kind of traffic glitch. In my testing I have determined there is something wrong with the pipe. I have talked to ATT who claim there is NO PROBLEM. Yet my clients seem to also be running into the same problems be they with Comcast, Cox or ATT. I am getting extremely erratic speed checks from Speakeasy. I have determined it is not the cart. I have come to this conclusion because the problem is not consistent and it overlaps to say Target, Best Buy, Amazon etc. (meaning the big boys who can spend thousands on servers, carts and designs are running into the same problems). 2. Do you know how to alter a document in a text editor? Do you know how to upload it to your server? The problem is not doing the edit it is knowing HOW to do it? That means unless you are going to hire someone to do this for you ... you need to bite the bullet and learn to do it yourself. Since the least expensive would be the latter that is what I would suggest. Once your main design is finished (I see you still have pink buttons) the rest can be done from admin and is fairly simple to do once you master the learning curve. Your pro bono person probably did not realize the extent of his/her commitment when the deal was struck. Your problem now is getting someone WHO HAS THE TIME to finish the job in the time frame you need. Many of us in design are over our heads with work lined up ... especially now with the upgrade on our doorstep. This group is pretty giving ... having the time to give may be the problem you face :) Linda
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